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Weinstock, Friedman & Friedman has a proud history dating back to the 1920′s. Initially, our law firm acted as counsel for corporations and creditors enforcing their rights and handling business transactions. We still maintain such a practice today; however, our current practice is much more diverse. In the mid-1980ís we were honored to be selected by LegalShield as the Provider Law Firm for Maryland and the District of Columbia. Through the years, as our LegalShield membership grew, so did our law firm. Today, we are no longer a small specialized boutique firm, but a multi-faceted practice that enjoys the unique experience of representing both large businesses and individuals alike.
In addition, our firm has expanded its regional presence. While we have traditionally practiced in Maryland and the surrounding areas for years, our client and case volume now allows us to have a frequent presence throughout Maryland, the District of Columbia and Northern Virginia. Our attorneys feel at home in every courthouse within our service area, which benefits our diverse client base. For added convenience, we maintain satellite offices available by appointment.

In order to better serve our clients, our firm has departmentalized into various areas of law. All of our departments were created specifically to help meet the needs of our clients, but they are by no means the extent of our practice.

Banking and Commercial Finance Transactions

At WF&F, we are aware of the ever changing economic climate and strive to provide exceptional legal services at cost-effective rates. Let us help you with any and all of your legal needs, including, business formation and organization, real estate transactions, banking, and commercial finance transactions.

We are a dedicated group of skilled and experienced attorneys ready to deliver the highest quality legal services in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. Our attorneys have a vast knowledge and understanding of business transactions and have represented many financial institutions, developers, investors, and local and national businesses.


Outsourced Legal Portfolio Management

Our attorneys are ready to deliver quality legal services at cost-effective rates. WF&F will create a customized legal portfolio management program to relieve you of the flood of legal issues that come across your desk on a daily basis. We will help you clean off your desk, control your legal budget, and provide metrics to measure performance of both your department and your outside counsel. Let us tailor a program to address your specific legal needs and budget.

As general counsel, director, or president of a financial institution or business entity, your resources and time are usually stretched. There is always pressure to control or reduce legal expenses.  In order to maintain cost-efficiency, many institutions have chosen to employ the legal expertise of our firm. Weinstock, Friedman & Friedman offers price transparency, embraces alternative fee arrangements and staffs your matters with care and personal attention.  We concentrate on a variety of in-house general counsel issues, especially in the banking industry including loan origination documentation, loan workouts, forbearance agreements, loan modifications, litigation, foreclosure, or bankruptcy.

The long and successful bank-counsel experience of WF&F is at your side so that you can spend more time on your clients, thereby stimulating growth within your organization. In addition, outsourcing quality legal strategy with WF&F extends your enterprise and your own accessibility and globalization.

WF&F will create a customized legal-outsourcing program to relieve the burden of uncertainties in the macro-economic environment, control your legal budget, and track your firmís performance. Call us today to start saving your time and your money. 410-559-9000.


Personal Injury

Personal Injury can encompass injury that is caused physically, psychologically, or emotionally, and can be caused by another individualís lack of exercising reasonable care. Personal injury law is also referred to as tort law. Tort injury compensation is all about being able to receive compensation from the person in the wrong for the harm that was inflicted on the innocent person.

For strong representation from a lawyer dedicated to maximizing your benefits, call Weinstock, Friedman & Friedman, P.A. now at (410) 559-9000 or email us at


General Litigation, Family Law

There are many times when businesses and individuals might need a great attorney. People need great attorneys to either file a lawsuit or protect against a lawsuit. When a business or an individual faces a lawsuit, the consequences are serious. Losing a lawsuit can threaten solvency and push people and organizations into dire financial straits. Our attorneys work hard to protect the legal interests of businesses and individuals. Whether someone needs to file a lawsuit or defend one that has already been filed, it pays to have an attorney from Weinstock, Friedman & Friedman on board.


Criminal Defense

The criminal defense attorneys of Weinstock, Friedman & Friedman, P.A., put every effort into defending their clients diligently and protecting the rights afforded to citizens by the United States Constitution.  Whether an individual is wrongfully accused of committing a crime, or in need of mitigation in order to keep penalties as minimally invasive as possible, we can help.  Our attorneys appear in most jurisdictions in Maryland, as well as the District of Columbia.  We pride ourselves on obtaining the best possible results for our clients.  From assault, DUI and other jailable traffic issues, peace and protection orders, juvenile matters involving your children, to the most difficult of criminal charges, our clients have experienced, knowledgeable, dedicated attorneys focused on obtaining their best result.  For more information or to contact an attorney about retaining us to take on your legal battle, call (410) 559-9000 or email


Elder Care and Estate Planning

Life is demanding. It is filled with years of hard work, ups and downs, loves and losses. Age, with its knowledge and understanding, is proof of survival and accomplishment. It deserves to be rewarded. However, often the elderly are not celebrated, but manipulated. Their estate goes unprotected, their plans go unheard, and their health is compromised. In order to fully protect themselves and their wishes, seniors need the help of an elder care law firm.

An elder care law firm should support its clients in five ways. First, it should be focused on the goal of helping seniors maintain control. Their wishes in regards to their home, money and medical care should be protected. The elderly have the right to live their final years as they choose.

Secondly, a law office focused on elder care should see the importance of protecting the loved ones that are left in charge of care, decision-making, or to simply to grieve and continue living. The elderly leave behind more than an estate, they leave behind family and friends that a core part of their lives. They want to continue to support them even when they are no longer able.

In order to help the elderly maintain control and ease the burden of their loved ones, an elder law firm should also be able to explain medical options. The right attorney will be well versed in the language, paperwork and requirements of Medicare, Medicaid and long-term healthcare programs.

The complications of all parts of estate planning and other protective measures are burdens most cannot bear on their own. An estate-planning attorney will have the knowledge and tools to answer the questions and help a senior make the right decisions based on his wishes and not confused and weak legal actions based on inaccurate information or the manipulations of others.

The number one reason seniors should seek a senior-focused legal office is for relief. The attorneys at Weinstock, Friedman & Friedman can help establish a complete plan that protects their life decisions, assets and loved ones. The relief offered by a caring and knowledgeable estate-planning attorney will allow a senior to enjoy a carefree life.


Creditorsí Rights, Collection and Bankruptcy

Our collection practice handles matters from all over the United States in both retail and commercial arenas. Weinstock, Friedman & Friedman, P.A. is currently listed and bonded in a large number of national law lists, through which we receive a wide variety of collection matters.

We work closely with other commercial and corporate attorneys, representing them in matters that fall into the geographic regions we service. The firm handles matters for insurance companies, financial institutions, public utilities companies and retail credit grantors. Our attorneys also assist law, accounting, and health care firms in managing their accounts receivable.

This client diversity gives our attorneys, collectors and support personnel an excellent business perspective. We understand that companies can have vastly different personalities, and that customer relationships vary widely from company to company. Weinstock, Friedman & Friedman, P.A. adapts its techniques to the needs of its clients. We strive to achieve the greatest return for them while performing in a manner consistent with each companyís business style.


Organization and Systems

Weinstock, Friedman & Friedman, P.A.ís attorneys are assisted by professional collectors, legal assistants, data processing specialists, secretaries and administrative support personnel.

Attorneys handle all collection and bankruptcy claims, overseeing the activities of collectors and legal assistants, and handling all aspects of necessary litigation. The firm is licensed in the District of Columbia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Virginia.

Collectors and support personnel assist our attorneys with research and initial and follow up collection calls. They frequently establish and monitor payment plans with debtors and accompany attorneys to court.

Weinstock, Friedman & Friedman is fully computerized, using the Commercial Legal Software Collection Master computer system. This relational database was developed specifically for the collection industry, and includes a complete chronological event history, unlimited diary system, and a sophisticated accounting program allowing us to quickly and accurately process all incoming and outgoing financial transactions.

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